Welcome to Nova Varoš

Nova Varos iz vazduha Aerial photo of Nova Varoš (author: Aleksandar Bubanja)

Mountains, lakes, caves, floral and animal world, cultural and historical monuments are only a part of the unique beauty that will strike all of your senses.

National park Uvac - the symbol of this park is the white-headed eagle. Here it has its larges colony on Balcans.

Exquisite speleological objects such as Ušački cave system and Ledena (Icey) cave

Zlatar, an aerial spa, for ideal vacation during winter, as well as the summer. Flower meadows, wild herbs, mushrooms, spring water, forest fruits... blueberries, strawberries, blackberries...

Wonders of the unpolluted nature will ensure you that this mountain bears its name with true pride (Zlatar meaning Golden).


Touristic resources of Nova Varoš municipality are crowded with four pearls: Uvac lake, Zlatar lake, and Radoinjsko lake on river Uvac, and Potpećko lake on river Lim. They are situated only 10-15 kilometers from Nova Varoš. There are numerous possibilities for rest and outdoor activities - camping, swimming, fishing, bird watching...

Kayaking through the magical canyon of Uvac lake, beneath the nest of the "aerial king" (white-headed eagle), is a breathtaking experience for the fans of eco-tourism.

Hunting and fishing

The richness of forests and clear water streams, rivers, and lakes make this region unique paradise for hunting and fishing. Abundant in various wildlife species such as wild rabbit, badger, fox, partridge, doe, wild boar, wolf... and of fish: sprout, trout, chub, carp...

Vacation in the village

Traditional hospitality along with sincere welcome is what you experience in villages of Nova Varoš. The enjoy is wholesome food, specialties of this region - buckwheat pie, paprika in cream, cheese, lamb in cream... along with homemade peach brandy (in Serbia called rakija).

Visiting spots

  • Church in Kućani - the oldest representative of log cabin churches in this area. Its gates origin from 1780. year. Dedicated to the birth of the Holy Mother of God.
  • Log cabin in Radijevići village - erected in 1808. year. It treasures extremely valuable and well-preserved icons made of wood.
  • Dubnica Monastery - in the village of Božetići. Belongs to the type of churches from XVIII century.
  • Ethnic village Štitkovo - museum under the open sky. The church, the houses, and the school preserved the authentic look of the second half of the XIX century. 
  • Church of the Holy Trinity - in Nova Varoš, built in 1857-1869. It has no fresco paintings.
  • Kajmakamija - the building of the old municipality. It represents very rare building of Islamic architecture built at the end of the XIX century. 
  • Monument in Kalipolje.

Tourist events

  • Swimming for the Cross in frozen lake
  • ZlatarFest
  • Golden hands of Zlatar (January)
  • Honey exhibition on Zlatar (Last week of July)
  • Sirijada (Cheese festival)
  • Regatta on Zlatar lake
  • Local Village sport games

For all information or reservation write to zlatarinfo@gmail.com